After bringing home our newest rescue pup, Kaia, who increased our pack to 3, it seemed like dog items were taking over our home. We decided to find ways to make these items (food/water bowls, leash hangers, poop bag holders, etc) look rustic so that they are as much a part of our home as the pups are.

We also started printing and wearing ‘RESCUE’ shirts and hats to promote the importance of the ‘Adopt, don’t Shop’ mentality in our community.

People began asking if they could purchase the items, and the idea quickly took shape: We could sell replicas of the items we use and love, and donate part of the profits to pay it forward to help other rescue pups get healthy and subsequently adopted.

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase are donated to the I Have A Dream Rescue Organization for assistance with the medical care of rescue pups they foster.